On an impulse the other day, I grabbed the audio version of The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey from my new neighborhood library.  It felt wrong to drop off a book and not check something out, and the adult audio books all looked (yawn) boring.  So I pounced on this in the children’s section as audio book insurance (never be caught in your car without one).

I finished up the second Maisie Dobbs the other day – Bird of a Feather – which I liked much better than the first one, perhaps because half the book wasn’t devoted to Maisie’s backstory.  Of course we need to know that and it informs the second book as well, but it turned the first one into half historical fiction, half mystery – both things I like, but at times an awkward juxtaposition.

Anyway, I finished Birds of a Feather (great on audio) and popped in The Mysterious Benedict Society, and what do you know.  The narrator sounds eerily like NPR’s Daniel Schorr – enough that if I tune out for a minute, I focus in again expecting to be hearing news analysis.  Which is not to say there’s anything wrong with this similarity – the narrator’s voice is well-suited to the story and tells it quite well.  It just cracks me up.