It’s that time of year when you start planning for Pascha.  This year, Orthodox Easter is only a week after The Other Easter (or TOE, as I christened it last night – I think I’ll start referring to it as “toe” in everyday conversation).  A week apart is good – you still have a chance of getting Easter lilies in bloom but the candy is on sale, and everyone else hasn’t completely forgotten about the holiday yet.  A month apart, like last year, is harder, because people are saying things like “happy Easter” when you’re deep in Lent without a fish day in sight.  Having them on the same Sunday is just weird (although it does simplify things) and it makes you feel like you’re pandering to the masses.

Anyway, next week is Holy Week, meaning it’s time to start thinking about buying eggs – for dying and eating and tiramisu for the potluck – and cheese and what one might have for Easter dinner, as well as shifting your mindset to Holy Week.  Things are turning springy just in time – a few shy green leaves appearing on trees, grass being mown.  We even had a few days of sunshine and short-sleeve weather before the clouds rolled in again.

I need to get out my camera more – I love to look back at different times captured in pictures, and for a few years I really documented the Easter festivities.  It’s a good habit that I want to get back into.

Gosh, I want some chocolate.