I keep meaning to link to Betsy Bird’s blog series on the Top 100 Picture Books.  She’s been doing a countdown for a while now, starting with #100 and working her way to the top of the list.  First of all, it’s impressive that she conducted a poll, to which I confess I did not contribute because #1 I’m lazy, #2 I’m indecisive, and #3 I didn’t realize how much fun it would be to read the results.  Second, she doesn’t just list the books.  She gives plot summaries, amusing bits of critical reviews, anecdotes, illustrations, videos – the whole nine yards.  When a favorite book pops up on the list, reading her comments makes you fall in love all over again.  When an unfamiliar title shows up, you feel like rushing to the library and sitting down with a giant stack of picture books.  Fun times for picture book dorks, librarians, teachers, parents, or anyone looking for a refresher or introduction to what’s out there.  Excuse me while I go reread one of my all-time favorites, The Maggie B.  Something tells me it’s not on the list, which only makes me wish I’d submitted my own Top 10.