It’s really hard to go to my other job now that I’ve put in my notice – especially since the weather has turned hot and I get to start out the work-day in a hot warehouse.  But I only have to clock in eight more times – eight more times!  The countdown is on.  It’s been a decent job to have (part-time with benefits) but I’m ready to do something that feels meaningful.  Like give out summer reading prizes.

Speaking of summer reading, I’ve been sort of hot and cold with my reading – gobbling down a few books quickly, then taking ages with one, then back to gobbling.  Right now I’m a few chapters into Jenny Davidson’s The Explosionist, and I’m really enjoying the combination of historical fiction, alternate history, and mystery.  Throw in some spiritualists, a heroine who loves chemistry, and a fabulously detailed Edinburgh setting – I’m hooked.  Plus, the book is pleasantly fat without feeling either slow or padded.

I was amused to stop by my parents’ house to do laundry and find a copy of Lament on the counter – apparently my mom read my Goodreads review and got it out of the library, and after she was through, my sister picked it up.  My sister just finished reading New Moon and said picking up Lament felt like she was still in the same world, only it had gotten funnier and the character more spunky.  Awesome.