The cool weather is a welcome break from the sun and heat – cool enough that a cup of tea in the afternoon sounds nice and pants don’t feel suffocating.

I finished up The Last Olympian – a bit disappointing but still entertaining (too many battle scenes) – and The Explosionist, which was completely absorbing.  The spiritualist elements worked nicely with the plot, without taking over, and all of the science provided a nice balance.  I was fascinated by Sophie’s gradual realizations about the society she lives in – and of course we get to gradually understand them, as well.  The scene in the library, for instance – I didn’t see that coming, and despite it being pretty chilling, I also had to laugh at the power given to the head librarian, being grouped in with government ministers and so on (sorry for being vague – don’t want to give anything away).  Anyway, if a blend of alternate history, science, mystery and spiritualism appeals to you, I strongly recommend this.

Now I’m reading The House at Riverton by Kate Morton, which I think Val recommended – yup.  Only a few chapters in, but good so far – English country house, suspense, old woman reminiscing about secrets in the past – that sort of thing.

I’m in an audiobook slump, though – all I want to listen to in the car is music, which is most unlike me.  Sometimes you just need to let your mind wander in the car, but it’s been way too long since I finished an audiobook, and it means I’m reading fewer books each month.  Oh well, I guess.

Time to have that cup of tea before work – only one more week at the boring job!