Today was my first day as a librarian (a children’s librarian, specifically, is what we decided my cards would say, since I’ll spend most of my time in children’s and only have the occasional stint at the adult reference desk).  We joked around about how I may or may not show up to work tomorrow, having been overwhelmed by my first day.  In all seriousness, I thought it might be pretty tiring – but I’m tired in a good, happy way.

I got the benefits talk from HR first thing, then an overview of what I’ll be responsible for in the children’s department, and just how different my schedule will be each week, covering various days off and lunch breaks, and having my own days off, etc.  Believe me, I’m just glad I don’t have to organize the schedule.  We decided I’ll do a toddler storytime, probably on Wednesday mornings, starting in October – mark your calenders!   It looks like I’ll take over the monthly bookgroup for 10 & ups, too.

And – tada! – I’ll be ordering fabulous, delicious chapter books.  Regular fiction, fantasy/scifi, mystery and young teen.  I dove right into review reading while I sat at the desk.  Finally, all this reading (and blog reading) will come in handy.  I have a budget, I have a standing order, I am the decider.  It is awesome – and a little frightening.

Then I got off work – at 6 pm!  And went to the grocery store!  And came home to eat a celebratory librarian dinner of a nice salad and bread and cheese and wine – a very Laurel-ish dinner, to anyone who knows my college roommate.  She would approve.

I also count reading Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life as part of the meal.  It’s really the ideal book for reading during a meal, because she makes you hungry and it’s good to have food in front of you already.  Over a meal, it just sharpens the appetite instead of torturing you.   I had the book on hold for ages, and in the meantime I kind of forgot what the book was supposed to be about.  If I ever knew, I forgot that she was a blogger, and I also had this vague idea that the book was about homemade things in general, like sewing and canning and handicrafts, rather than just food.  But I’m quite pleased with what it is, and I also like her comments on blogging.  She talks about trying to create a blog that strikes a balance between the personal and the informative.  “I write about my life some, too, since it intersects with food roughly three times a day.  I don’t think many of us are terribly interested in recipes that have no stories or real-life context” (p. 195).  Which sums up my feelings about blogs exactly (substituting food for books much of the time) – I don’t want to read something 100% personal, but I don’t want book reviews or food detached from the person who wrote/created them.  At any rate, I recommend the book so far – the pacing is good, without having that meandery feeling that some memoir-ish books get (I’m thinking of On Rue Tatin, also about food and life). And it makes me want to try the recipes.

Oh, and I’ve got ice cream for dessert, and Sense and Sensibility on DVD.  It’s been a good day.