I had Monday off work and went to the coast for the day with my mom and brother.


My sunburn is just now starting to fade and peel and not cause people to exclaim over it.  It turns out that when you sit at the reference desk at the library, patrons like to tell you that you got some sun.  And tell you how much it must hurt.  And make sure that you’re “putting something on it.”  Really?  Oh, the joys of public service.  At any rate, the beach was fantastic.


We started out in Seaside, where it was sunny and overcast and foggy all at once.   Then we drove south to Hug Point (my favorite spot), which is a bit more classic Oregon Coast, but where I left my camera in the car.  We stopped for dinner in Cannon Beach, at a place that I’ve been to twice before and never had a satisfactory experience – why can’t I remember that from one year to the next?  But not bad enough to be truly disappointing.  But what is a pub at the beach without fish and chips, I ask you?


In other news, I’ve been in my new job for a week and a half.  I’ve already placed one order of children’s fiction, and my next list is even bigger.  My to-read list is also enormous and it pains me to think of ordering all these books that I’ll never have time to read.  I’m also spending more time working with other people, and less time alone, which is a pleasant change since I like the people I work with.  And there are always entertaining questions/problems, like the patron who put his library card into the floppy drive at an internet station, and then asked why it hadn’t let him onto the computer.  Hmm.  Maybe because you were supposed to type in your card number?