I’ve been off work for an hour and a half, and I wish I were still at the library.  Not because I love my job that much (eight hours a day is enough for me) but because of the air conditioning – the delicious, delicious air conditioning.  It’s apparently 99 degrees, although I heard it was 105 earlier.  Either one is too hot.  It’s probably 90 inside my apartment (okay, somewhere in the 80s).  I’m about to abandon ship and spend the night at my parents’ – the couch is conveniently located next to the A/C.

I finished my first Georgette Heyer – These Old Shades – and I’m a convert.  I wish I had quotations, but I left the book at work.  I pretty much concur with Leila’s review – the improbable plot twists were hilarious, the characters delightful, the language a joy to read, the nature/nurture stuff hard to swallow, and the age difference a little weird, but I suppose no different than your typical Jane Austen Marianne/Brandon storyline.  I’m happy there are more, and I’m happy that my library hasn’t discarded our lovingly worn copies yet.