Thursday nights are my reference desk nights – I’m the one sitting in the main area of the library, answering questions and helping people with the internet stations.  I’m getting to know the regulars – the guy who wants you to google something very specific and then print out the results page.  Not the actual webpages, just the list of results from google.  Um, okay.  Easy enough.  There are always questions about making computer reservations, and about how the new computer system works, and can I put such-and-such book on hold.  Is this movie in on DVD, and where are your audiobooks, and is there a travel guide for Spokane.

Then there are the fun ones, like the phone call I got tonight.  He wanted the lyrics to an ACDC song, and he knew the title.  Fantastic.  (The other day I had a similar request, only she didn’t know the name of the song or who sang it – only that it had been in a Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis movie.  Which movie?  Who knows.  To my surprise, I found the song.  Sweet victory.)  So I search for the song and find the lyrics, and in the meantime the guy on the phone is talking about what he thinks one of the lines is.  Okay, I think, he wants me to clarify that he’s hearing it correctly.  I find the line and read it to him.  Twice.  Three times.  He repeats it back and messes it up.  A fourth time.

“What do you think that means?” he asks. When I say I have no idea, he proceeds to tell me how he think the line applies to his relationship with his girlfriend.  “She just takes and takes and takes.”  Um.  Fortunately, he didn’t drag it out once I repeated that I didn’t have an interpretation handy, just the lyrics.

I guess people think we really do know everything.  Including the meaning of song lyrics.

I’m going to watch Desk Set now – I bet no one asked Katherine Hepburn for ACDC lyrics.