How much do I love these (alas not really available) new covers for The Chronicles of Narnia?

So much that I want to reread – particularly The Horse and His Boy after looking at this picture, but they’re all pretty fabulous.  Although I’ve reread them many times, I vividly remember my mom reading the series aloud – and the day when I realized I was a strong enough reader to read ahead on my own, and I snuck The Horse and His Boy up onto my bunk bed.  Funny how it seems so illicit in my memory – I’m sure my mom knew all about it in reality.  I think The Last Battle was also the first book that made me cry, but let’s not talk about that.

The copies I own are the boxed set of paperbacks, the ones with the truly horrific 70s covers, all garish colors and blocky illustrations.  I admit to a fondness for these covers simply because they’re MINE – I think I received them for my 8th birthday.  If I’m right, that means they’re turning 20 this weekend, so this post is quite timely.

Yikes!  I can’t imagine getting a kid to pick these up after looking at this cover.  I am quite fond of the newer Chris Van Allsburg covers, and I’d probably go for that set if I were buying them to give away.

He makes Narnia look appropriately mysterious and evocative, and I like that the illustrations stretch to the edges of the cover, rather than being bordered – it makes me feel like I’m looking at that sea painting in the Scrubb’s spare room and any moment I might step right into Narnia.

Have I ever mentioned how, as a kid, I used to imagine that one day I’d run into the Pevensie children?  They’re not supposed to talk about Narnia to other people, but I’d of course recognize them, and go up to them and say, “It’s okay, you can talk about it with me – I know all about Narnia.”  Yeah.

Let’s not even talk about the blah-blah 2005 covers.  Ugh.

Crowns?  Bonus excerpts?  Huh?

Anyway, I first saw those reimagined covers at 100 Scope Notes, and you might also want to check out the other covers at M.S. Corley’s site, including Harry Potter and His Dark Materials.