I feel so neglectful of my books (let’s blame the second season of Mad Men) since I’ve been rereading The Knife of Never Letting Go at a practically decorous pace.  I read a single chapter yesterday – oh what have I become?  Thank goodness for audiobooks – The Serpent’s Tale in particular – which lend a greater sense of accomplishment to my day, thanks to lots of driving around.

I would share photos from the wedding, except being a bridesmaid hampered my photo-taking, and by the time the reception rolled around, I was having too much fun to get out the camera.  I do have a nice one of the bride knitting beforehand, waiting in a Sunday School room for the ceremony to start.

blueberry festival 159

Our shawls are simply gorgeous, although I’ve yet to take my own photos.  Sunday was fortunately cool, so a lace shawl was perfect during the ceremony, and I kept it on until we started dancing.

Bronwen and I have known each other practically our whole lives, and it was a joy and an honor to be involved in the wedding and to see her married to someone as sweet as Caleb.

blueberry festival 154

Although I haven’t been doing much knitting of my own recently, I did have great fun with a quilt for Katy’s baby – so satisfying to pick out the fabrics, then lay out all the squares in patterns, then see it all come together so quickly on a sewing machine. Then give it away – which is both sad, because I want to keep keep keep, but also happy to know it will be put to good use.

blueberry festival 124

The green leaf pattern is the backing fabric, and I loved it more and more as I handled it.

blueberry festival 143

Now I need to get my own sewing machine, so I can do this kind of thing more often.