100 Scope Notes has a post up about Things Librarians Fancy, taking inspiration from that other site.  And yeah, it’s true.  These are things that librarians fancy, and I think the list could certainly be expanded.

I have to plead guilty to most of the list – who doesn’t like book carts?  And it’s a rare day (summer or winter) that I’m not wearing a cardigan at work.  In fact, I believe the library is required to keep the air conditioning on high enough that librarians are forced to wear cardigans during the summer.  While I’m not sure whether or not I wear mine with irony (I did start working in libraries in 2003, which is apparently the year in which the ironic/irony free librarian schism occurred), but I do wear my oddly-shaped glasses with an irony that hopefully extends to my cardigans.  Oh, and I prefer to carry my sensible lunch to work in my tote bag rather than a brown paper bag (the environment!)

I can think of a few more things (hand puppets, goggly eyes, cunning crafts, etc.) but I think they’re more specific to children’s librarians.  Any other ideas?

On a completely different topic, we were all forced to listen to a presentation on flu prevention after church today, including an amusing video about coughing and sneezing into the nearest available textile instead of your hands, and that made me think of the latest Elephant and Piggie book, entitled Pigs Make Me Sneeze! in which Gerald does not practice proper sneezing technique.  No wonder Piggie gets sick, too!  The book arrived at the library this week, and as I took it out of the box, the entire staff of the children’s library gathered around me to read over my shoulders.  Such is the Elephant and Piggie love.  I guess I should add Mo Willems to the list, eh?