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It’s an unexpectedly sunny day, after a foggy morning, I got my extra hour of sleep, went to church, had brunch with friends, got a new pair of shiny shiny patent leather clogs, and now a quiet hour before dinner with my family and an evening of dancing.  Yes, my mom is turning the whole family (except my dad) into ballroom dancers, one Sunday night dance at a time.  I’ve been taking ballet lessons, too, and discovering unexpected muscle memory from my ten years of ballet – even though it’s been over 10 years since I did it regularly.  I still adore it.  And if nothing else, perhaps I will recover my posture and my ability to do double pirouettes.

Ramona recently asked how I’m liking my library job, and the short answer is that I love it.  I’m settling into more of a routine – my weekly and monthly tasks, putting together book orders, etc.  I’m actually (gasp) having fun putting together very simple crafts for my toddler storytime, and I’m trying to learn the names of the regular kids.  I started taking notes.  I did a Saturday craft, and my first storytime at Head Start, and I’ve done two book group meetings.  Next month we’re reading Larklight by Philip Reeve, which I hope is a success.  I ought to find a spider-themed snack for that meeting.

The reference desk no longer makes me nervous, and I’m getting used to the patrons who get outraged at various things that are beyond our control.  No, you cannot save anything to the computers.  No, I cannot change the reservation system because you think it’s unfair.  Etc.

But!  I did have a very fun question the other day that started off with, “you know the movie Desk Set?”  Oh boy, do I.  “And how the librarians keep getting phone calls asking for the names of Santa’s reindeer?”  At this point, I panicked, thinking that the patron was conducting some sort of reference librarian test which I would FAIL because unlike Katherine Hepburn and coworkers, I cannot recite the names of Santa’s reindeer.  Fortunately, the patron’s question was about whether it’s Donner or Donder, and I got to have a fun visit to to find the answer.  Who knew!  I want Desk Set questions every day.  I should’ve dressed up as Bunny Watson for Halloween, instead of Dorie the Little Witch.  Oh well, next year.

The hardest part about my job is getting up when it’s dark out – although perhaps going off Daylight Savings will help.  Now, it will be dark when I get home!  Otherwise it’s great.  The staff is great, I’m given room to have ideas and be creative but there’s plenty of structure, I work reasonable hours, we crack up researching random questions, and somehow I ended up volunteering to redo the entire website.  Hmm, good thing I took that web design class.


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