Another review I neglected to post, for another Mock Printz title. Gosh, I still love that cover.
Marcelo In The Real World Marcelo In The Real World by Francisco X. Stork

I ought to have reviewed this while it was fresh in my mind, because it’s an excellent older YA and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it pick up some awards, or at least be considered. It’s almost a five-star book in my mind, although I didn’t quite fall head over heels for it. But it’s a meaty book with a lot going on. First, it’s fascinating to see the world through Marcelo’s eyes, and it almost makes you feel like an anthropologist in your own culture. Then there’s a bit of a legal drama to make the story move along, but without detracting from the characters, which are one of the real strengths of the story. Throw in Marcelo’s thoughts on religion and spirituality, and you’ve got a book that isn’t quite like anything else I’ve seen. It’s not for the youngest end of YA looking for a fun story – apart from lots of strong language and references to sex, adultery, etc., the themes are just so much about going out into “the real world” and grappling with big questions of responsibility and ethics. I would suggest this to adults who don’t think they’d like YA. And isn’t the cover just gorgeous? It’s even better in person.

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