I’m behind on my reviews, but what’s new?  I read through Fantastic Mr. Fox twice, because a children’s librarian has got to be up on these things, and I still don’t like it.  There are some delightful lines, and it’s got that Dahl quirkiness, and maybe kids love it, and yes I know the villains are supposed to be one dimensional, but I didn’t like Mr. Fox.  He was clever, yes, but not fantastic.  And who wants to spend the rest of their life being an underground thief, anyway?  Hmm, let’s call that my review.

On a totally different note, I’ve been reading Nick Harkaway’s The Gone-Away World which feels brilliant and completely ADD at the same time.  I just got to the point where the title makes sense.  It requires focus, and rewards it, but sometimes I want more immediate gratification.  Which is why I keep taking breaks to read things like:

  • The Miles Between
  • Claudette Colvin: Twice Towards Justice
  • Wildwood Dancing
  • and Carter Finally Gets It, which I’m listening to in the car.

Also on my shelf (literally) (and it’s FULL) are:


  • The Children of Green Knowe
  • Return to Gone-Away

Things I missed the first time around:

  • Half-Moon Investigations
  • Locomotion
  • The House of Dies Drear
  • Truth or Dairy


  • Dandelion Fire
  • Flora’s Dare
  • The Islands of the Blessed

Impulse check-outs from the New Book shelf (I don’t impulse shop – I impulse check-out things I will never have time to read, usually after I buy them for the library):

  • Leaving the Bellweathers
  • Operation Yes
  • So Totally Emily Ebers
  • Escape Under the Forever Sky

Mock Printz/Newbery and NBA nominees:

  • Almost Astronauts
  • How Oliver Olson Changed the World
  • Heart of a Shepherd
  • All the Broken Pieces
  • Jumped

I also have Shiver, which just came in on hold and has more holds, so I’ll actually have to read it soon, and another Georgette Heyer for when I need something light and funny and not written for children.  There are also MORE things on my shelf, which I am less committed to reading, but the lists are long enough.  This situation is similar to the quantity of pumpkin pie I have on hand – I think I can’t have too much, but sometimes you just run out of room and time to consume your pie/books.  Note: this is not a bad thing, just bad planning.

  • The Children of Green Knowe (it’s been SO long since I read this series, but I have fond memories)