Why did I wait so long to watch the 2009 Printz acceptance speeches?  They’re fantastic, of course.  M.T. Anderson talks about the last taboo in YA books, Terry Pratchett has a sword being made in the background, Margo Lanagan and Melina Marchetta talk about the writing process and overseas phone calls, and I’m just about to watch E. Lockhart’s.  Melina Marchetta’s speech is at the Booklist site, and there are links to all the others on that page (click on the author names).  Do yourself a favor and watch them.

Dang, now I want to reread all of them!  Except Octavian Nothing, because I just reread it on audio a little while ago, and I think I did the same thing with Frankie in the spring.  But Nation, Tender Morsels and Jellicoe Road are all ones I’m confident will be just as great as rereads.