Carter Finally Gets It Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford

Carter wants to make the team, get the girl, make it through 9th grade, beat his nemesis, lose his virginity, save face in front of his friends, fake his way through parties with a beer bottle of Mountain Dew, and not get his head pushed through a wall by his sister’s boyfriend. He’d probably want to make up for his mistakes, too, if he realized he’d made any. Oh, and Carter also has ADD, which makes this first person narrative a hilarious ramble through the first year of high school. The audio version is fantastic, capturing both that wandering thought process and the sense of being on the verge of greatness if only you could accomplish this one thing. There’s plenty of humor, sometimes gross, and it’s packed full of hi jinks and misadventures. The resolution is satisfying, and on a personal level I loved the way a high school production of Guys and Dolls figured into the story.

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Copy from the public library.