As usual, I’m having a lazy Thursday morning, finishing up my Christmas cards and thinking that I really ought to get started on that whole buying Christmas presents thing.  I should also plan out some post-Christmas baking.  In the meantime, though, I’m admiring my tree (an impulse buy as I passed dozens of tree farms on my way to pick up milk last week) and enjoying the quiet morning and contemplating a slice of pumpkin bread (the King Arthur Flour recipe, with chocolate chips and pecans but absolutely egg and dairy free).

I’ve become overwhelmed by the number of library books that I keep renewing and renewing, so I’m trying to cut back on checking out new ones (except Mock Printz and Mock Newbery titles) until I clear off my shelf a bit.  I managed to get through three that have been lingering – What Was Lost, The Children of Green Knowe, and Half-Moon Investigations.  I definitely recommend What Was Lost, and I’m glad I gave it a chance before I ran out of renewals.  Green Knowe was one I hadn’t read since I was a kid, when I went through the whole series and was captivated.  I’d like to keep rereading the series, but it’s that old-fashioned, gentler kind of series that doesn’t leave you gasping for breath until you get your hands on the next installment.  Half-Moon was me giving Eoin Colfer a second chance – I didn’t really care for Artemis Fowl – and I enjoyed it although it wasn’t quite my thing.

Next up on my “had it out too long” list is Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant, a collection of essays about eating alone.  I might browse through it, rather than reading straight through, but I’m really craving something fun and moderately fluffy, which means I might skip ahead to the Georgette Heyer that I haven’t even had to renew once yet – Devil’s Cub.  Kind of like eating dessert before dinner, which I can do because I’m a grown up.

Speaking of being a grown up, my library’s fall storytime session is over, and now we take a break until February.  It’s nice to have the planning time, but I’ll miss it.  We were really getting into the swing of things, with me being more comfortable and confident, and the kids getting to know my regular songs and rhymes (and me getting to have regular songs and rhymes!) and I’ll miss seeing my regulars every week.  But, announcing that we’re taking a break and hearing the groans of disappointment from the adults?  That’s a nice confirmation that you’re doing something well.