A while back I made a loose-ish goal to read more of the books I order for the library – I read all these reviews and I agonize over what to order and how to spend my budget, and then the books come in and I want to read them ALL.  So I sort of panic and my to-read shelf is full and sometimes I read a bunch of the new books and sometimes I don’t read any.

So I thought I’d set myself up with a steady diet of about five per month (in addition to older books, YA books, adult titles, etc.)  I went through my January order and picked five that sounded good and various.  The first one I’ve gotten around to is Arthur Slade’s The Hunchback Assignments, although I’m actually listening to the audio version.  So far it’s creepy, but not too creepy, nicely historical without an overwhelming amount of detail (making it good, I think, for readers looking for creepy rather than historical).  And some intriguing minorly fantastical elements.  Plus, the audio version, read by Jayne Entwistle, makes the voices distinct and atmospheric – nothing detracts from the story.

Now the question is, what were the other four books I planned on reading?