The Castle of Llyr (The Chronicles of Prydain, #3) The Castle of Llyr by Lloyd Alexander

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This continues my rereading of the Prydain Chronicles, and I’m still having as much fun as ever, plus enjoying the audio versions. What’s interesting is seeing which details are familiar and which come as a surprise. In this book, Taran and Eilonwy really start to feel like teenagers, although the action of the book is still at a level that younger readers can grasp and appreciate. There are more complex themes at play (and if I remember correctly, this continues in the final two books as well) but these themes are not employed at the expense of the humor and adventure. The characters are sometimes predictable in their behavior, but they manage to grow and change at the same time. I’ve had lots of requests for audio recommendations lately (we’re heading into car-trip season) and I’ll have to remember to press this series into someone’s hands if they manage to stay on the shelf long enough – I think they’d work well with a variety of ages.

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