Well, I’ve had quite a few (fun) distractions from reading in the last day, but am cramming in reading whenever I can.  It turns out I’m unwilling to sacrifice sleep (once I hit the sleepy point) but all the little 10 and 20 minute segments do add up.  Here’s what I’ve been up to since the last check in:

11:50 am – 12:10 pm – listened to The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane in the car.  I intended to go grocery shopping and get back to the books, but got a call from my mom and ended up at my cousin’s birthday party instead.  It was a gorgeous sunny day – a little miracle in weeks and weeks of endless rain – plus a birthday party, a combination I couldn’t refuse.

2:30-2:35, 2:50-3:10, and 3:15-5:05 – continued listening to Deliverance Dane while putting my two batches of sherbet in the ice cream maker, eating cherries, and playing solitaire.

5:05-5:50 pm – took a break from reading to put together a list of recommendations for a friend and choose the next Long Distance Kitchen recipe.

5:50-6:30 – started reading Chicks with Sticks (It’s a Purl Thing) by Elizabeth Lenhard, a fairly light, fun YA book about girls learning to knit.  Tons of descriptions of yarn and knitting projects, with a few patterns included in the back.

6:30-10:45 pm – another long break to get dressed up and go to the ballet.  I splurged on a pair of season tickets for the super-cheap seats last year, one of the best splurges I’ve ever indulged in – and I did the same thing for next year.  Not much more than going to an evening movie, plus a fun excuse to get fancied up and go out.  Plus I love the ballet.

10:45-11:30 pm – read more of Chicks.  Realized I’ve never timed myself on how many hours it takes to read a book – I generally look at it in terms of days, something like “I read 16 books last month, which averages out to about a book every other day.”  My eyes started drooping, so then I went to sleep.

7:50-9:10 am – woke up and continued with Chicks, then got ready for church.

9:40-10:00 am, 12:10-12:20 pm, and 12:30-12:40 pm – listened to Deliverance Dane on the way to church and home again, with a stop at the grocery store because the character ate doughnuts and gave me an awful craving.

12:50-1:15 pm – finished reading Chicks while tucking into the doughnut, coffee, cherries, and a fried egg.

1:15-present – calculated my hours so far and wrote this update.  If I did the math correctly, and I’m making no promises, I’ll be at 12 hours and 35 minutes once I finish this post.  Then it’s back to the books before I miss the last couple hours of my 48 by going to a bbq.  C’est la vie.