I went to the Scholastic warehouse sale today – basically it’s like Costco but with books.  Enormous shelves piled with children’s books, presumably leftover from all the book sales at schools and such, and teachers and librarians and other bookish types wandering the aisles with shopping carts.  Fortunately, it’s not as crowded as Costco, or as overstimulating.  It’s possible, for instance, to push two – TWO – full shopping carts of books to the checkout area.

Yeah, I bought 456 books – paid for by the Friends of the Library, to be given away to kids and teens who finish the summer reading program.  The two other children’s librarians are going later this week – we still need all the picture books, board books, beginning readers, and dozens more chapter books.  I figured two full carts was a good time to call it quits, even if I hadn’t checked everything off my list (drat those fat, fat chapter books).

I’m tired just thinking back on it, but it’s a lot of fun – only my second trip to one of the warehouse sales, and I’m developing my technique.  Although I think I slipped somewhere because I should’ve ended up with multiples of 5…oh well.  Time to go crawl into bed with a book.