Incarceron (Incarceron, #1)Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

This is one of those books where it’s probably best if you don’t know much about the story before you start reading. Any information about the plot will likely make you confused as you start reading, make you spend too much time guessing how things will turn out, or both. Just go along for the ride and trust that Catherine Fisher knows how to create a completely believable yet foreign world.

The characters are interesting, although never completely sympathetic. There’s lots of gray area in the best and the worst characters. This is also a story that would appeal to readers who like complex world-building and who don’t mind a bit of a cliff-hanger ending (at least until Sapphique is released in the US in December).

If you like Incarceron, I highly recommend Fisher’s earlier ancient-world fantasy series, starting with The Oracle Betrayed. They’re more standard fantasy, but with the same complex situations and characters.

Source: my library system

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