Princess of GlassPrincess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Although the dark magic at work isn’t quite as ominous as in Princess of the Midnight Ball, this is a completely fun follow-up that presents yet another look at the Cinderella story. The twist this time (well, one of them) is that our main character is not the Cinderella figure. Instead, she’s one of the younger sisters from the first book, and she’s been sent abroad for diplomatic reasons. The Cinderella figure is the incompetent maid of the family Princess Poppy stays with, which adds some humor to this retelling.

While this one could stand on its own, there are plenty of references to the situation in the first book that would make it better to read them in order. Here’s hoping that Jessica Day George has a few more fairy tales up her sleeve – these are good, light fun that are appropriate for younger readers but that should appeal to fairy tale fans of all ages.

Source: my library system

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