My bookshelves are looking a little bare…and no, it’s not because I managed to weed my collection (as if!) – it’s because they’re sitting in boxes waiting to be moved.  Yes, I’m up and moving next week and good lord, I didn’t realize how many boxes I would fill up with books.  All this time I’ve been thinking what a modest number of books I own – only two bookshelves – but the boxes filled up fast.  I guess it doesn’t help that both shelves were jam-packed.

Hopefully after I move, and get a look at my stuff in a new space, I can manage to fit in a third shelf.  I’m not moving too far – just a bit closer to work, and almost in my old, much-loved neighborhood.  There will be more walking and biking expeditions.  I’m looking forward to it.

In the meantime, I’ve got to get back to cleaning out the clutter of my kitchen cabinets and try to figure out exactly how many pie plates and Pyrex baking dishes my lifestyle requires.  Apparently quite a few!

I’m also trying to use up a lot of my pantry items – I see a pot of chili in my future, to use up some of the stockpile of beans and canned tomatoes, and maybe a pie with a cookie crust, and something that involves lots of nuts.  I think some Long Distance Kitchen recipes will come in handy, like the granola I still haven’t made, and the banoffi pie.  But how can I cook and pack up my kitchen?  I can’t wait to get this moving nonsense over with and settle into the new place.  Nine days!