What’s the best thing to do when you have 5 days left before you move?  And you really need to start packing up your kitchen?  Go on a cooking extravaganza, of course!  Last Friday I bought the ingredients for two Long Distance Kitchen recipes – Banoffi Pie and Dorie Greenspan’s Honey-Peach Ice Cream – thinking I would make them over the weekend (and what, go in to a sugar coma?)  And since I knew I would have a random quantity of cream leftover, I also bought ingredients for a second round of Butter Chicken (that stuff is amazing).

Of course, the weekend was busy and all I had time to do was the three-hour boil on the cans of condensed milk for the pie.  But I’m determined, and I didn’t want to pack up all the supplies, or have the various fruits spoil, so this afternoon I dove in.  The ice cream custard is cooling in the fridge, and the pie crust is ready to be filled.

In the meantime, I did manage to do some deep cleaning so that there won’t be as much to do when I finally get around to packing the kitchen.  I might miss the high ceilings and light, tree-filled view in the apartment, but I will not miss the Ugliest Cabinets in the World.  Once you start taking down pictures and clearing off the fridge, it’s amazing how much uglier they look.

Now, on to the pie!  It’s time to start the sugar rush.  Full reports later.