Yet another Long Distance Kitchen recipe from April – Spaghetti All’Amatriciana, assigned by Bronwen.  She sent me this recipe for a single serving, as well as a version for more people.  Since I was planning to eat it alone, and since there’s a dearth of single-serving recipes out there, I went for the first option.  Bronwen ended up finding a more authentic recipe and having a face-off, but I stuck with the one she assigned.


The verdict?  Super easy, nice and saucy, plenty of bacony flavor.  I’d never had bacon in a tomato sauce before, but it made it hearty and satisfying. In the pictures, I’d actually forgotten to toss the bacon back into the sauce before dishing up a plateful, but I threw it in before I started eating.

Basically, you cook the bacon, then whip up a quick but flavorful sauce – and it’s one of those recipes that uses a can of tomato sauce with no strange quantities leftover, something I’m always grateful for.  Toss it with the pasta and you’re ready to eat.  Perfect for a quick after-work dinner.  It made one large serving – you could add a side dish and easily serve two people with moderate appetites, or just double the recipe.

Hmm, why haven’t I made this again?  It would be a great way to use up that spaghetti taking up space in my cupboard.