The kitchen before (is there anything better than living with a pile of boxes and coolers down the middle of a room?)


And the dining area:


And the view from the living room, once the dust settled (literally – the first time I tried to vacuum, it blew dust out while pulling stuff off the floor – effective, yet not effective at all):


And here’s where I sat while taking that picture – my great-grandmother’s rocker somehow manages to blend in here, while it stuck out like a sore thumb at the old, bright-white place:


Yes, there’s a greenish accent wall – I love that this apartment came with some nice, fairly neutral paint that isn’t white.  It’s so much nice for hanging pictures and arranging furniture.  Plus, each wall looks completely different depending on the time of day, and it always looks slightly different on camera than in person.  Nothing as dramatic as the ol’ mango wall a few places back, circa 2005.  I do miss it, although it would probably overpower this particular apartment: