Wishing for Tomorrow: The Sequel to A Little PrincessWishing for Tomorrow: The Sequel to A Little Princess by Hilary McKay

I know, I know – a sequel to A Little Princess? Does the world really need it? Not necessarily, but the world DOES need all the books it can get by Hilary McKay, and if she wants to write about what happens to Ermengarde and the others after Sara leaves, then I want to read it.

I thought it struck a nice balance between maintaining the world of the original and showing us things from another point of view. What was going on with the other girls that Sara never witnessed? How do they cope with her departure? The result is a sweet story that should please most fans of the original, even though it’s definitely McKay’s construction and not Burnett’s. It’s probably best to read the original book first, although McKay does refresh your memory if you haven’t read it recently.

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