Here’s another LDK recipe from June – Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies, recipe from The Pioneer Woman (I love her step-by-step photos, even when I already know what a certain step should look like – I have been making chocolate chip cookies for an awfully large percentage of my life).

At any rate, this is pretty much a classic chocolate chip cookie with malted milk thrown in for a slightly different flavor.  My dad is a big fan of malt – whenever we’d get milkshakes at Mike’s Drive-In (pretty much the most exciting thing ever when we were little), my dad would get a chocolate malt shake.  After trying his a few times, I’m a convert (although I mostly get plain chocolate).  So I was excited to see how the malt flavor worked in cookies.

I headed off to Fred Meyer with a mental image of a powdered malted milk container.  I found the Ovaltine (“be sure…to drink…your Ovaltine”) and the powdered milk, but not malted milk.  I asked an employee where it was, and he said that they no longer carried it!  The horror!  I wasn’t in the mood to drive around to other stores, so I grabbed some original flavor Ovaltine and made do – I don’t think the flavor is quite as malty, perhaps, but it did add something.  (Anyone know who carries malted milk in Portland?)

After the hunt for malted milk, they were a breeze to put together, especially if you’ve already got the chocolate chip cookie routine down.  I neglected to take pictures, but don’t worry – Bronwen did (and of course Pioneer Woman, too).  Like Bronwen said, the malted flavor wasn’t super pronounced, although it may have been different with plain malted milk.  (What the heck is Ovaltine, anyway?)  It’s been a while, but I think I made them twice – once for me and once for Father’s Day.

Great, after writing this recap I’m craving chocolate chip cookies.  And it’s only 10 in the morning.