The Other Half of My HeartThe Other Half of My Heart by Sundee T. Frazier

This is the kind of story about family and identity that I would recommend in a heartbeat to kids looking for that kind of story – one that takes childhood and sense of self seriously, adds in some humor and a reasonably compelling plot, and delivers a satisfying ending.

The story takes an interesting look at race by telling the story of twin girls, one who looks like their white father and the other who looks like their black mother. Whether or not these particular issues of race are ones that the reader can identify with, it’s the kind of story that sucks in preteen girls who are just starting to think about their place in the world and other people’s perception of them.

The sisters’ relationship felt natural, with its ups and downs, as did their relationship with their parents. The pacing is good, keeping the story moving with more thoughtful moments mixed in well. And the ending is sweet without being unrealistic.

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