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Here’s another June Long Distance Kitchen recipe – First-of-the-Season Succotash Salad from Sunday Suppers at Lucques. I’d never made a succotash salad before – in fact, when Bronwen assigned it I had no idea what to expect when I read the recipe, vaguely picturing some kind of grain-based salad.  In fact, it’s a vegetable salad.  Visit her blog for pictures, because I spaced out on this one.

You make a little dressing from shallot, lemon juice, salt, and olive oil.  Let it sit, and meanwhile you sauté red onion and thyme in some oil, then add diced summer squash, cooking until it’s tender and has a little color.  She tells you to salt it, but here’s my word of warning: there is WAY too much salt in this recipe.  I added the exact quantities called for, and even as I poured it in I had my doubts.  Instead, salt according to instinct.  You can always add more later.  Lesson learned.

Take the squash out of the pan and let it cool, and use the same pan to cook fresh corn that has been sliced off of the cob, in some olive oil and salt and pepper (the same salt warning applies here).  Cool the corn once it reaches the tender stage.

Halve some cherry tomatoes and season them with salt (or not – at this point, the recipe has called for 3 teaspoons of the stuff for a medium bowl’s worth of veggies).  Throw in the squash and corn along with a cup of cooked fresh lima beans and half the dressing.

I was bringing the recipe to my parents’ house for dinner (4th of July, if memory serves) and when I described it to my mom, she requested that I leave out the lima beans, so I did.  Hmm, maybe they would have absorbed some of that salt, although her recipe for them does include seasoning them with salt already.

Finally, taste and “adjust with more salt and lemon juice if you like.”  Yeah, no.  Then toss in some sliced parsley and basil and minced chives.  Serve on top of watercress and arugula that’s been tossed with the remaining dressing.  Since I wasn’t sure how much would get eaten, I just served the succotash in a bowl by itself, with mixed greens and the dressing handy in case anyone wanted them.

I found that I liked the succotash by itself better than with greens, although unfortunately I could only eat a few bites before becoming overwhelmed by the salt.  It was really overpowering, which was disappointing because I was really enjoying the underlying flavor of the vegetables.  I might try this one again next summer, using more a of a salt, taste, salt method.

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