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Yum yum yum!  Another recipe from Good to the Grain. I assigned this one back in June, and made and gobbled them up right away.  This was my first adventure with barley flour, if I remember correctly, and it adds an interesting flavor to scones.  While it’s a pain to keep lots of different kinds of flour around (and my cupboard space is suffering as a result), it’s worth it for the way it introduces slightly different flavors into baking – especially heartier things like scones.

While Bronwen opted to make her own strawberry jam, I used the store-bought stuff I had on hand.  Based on the pictures, her jam was juicier than mine and soaked into the dough more, while mine was thicker and  just oozed out the sides a little and hardened.  Basically, you make the scone dough, roll it into two discs, spread one disc with jam, and put the second disc on top.  Then you brush the top with butter and sprinkle it with sugar (for a little crunch) and slice the whole thing into wedges before baking.

As you can see, I was so busy eating them while they were still warm that I forgot to take a picture until later.  They were tasty and hearty, sweet but not too sweet to serve as breakfast or a snack.

When I first got into baking in middle school, I tried several scone recipes but found them all too dry – a scone sounded fantastically old-fashioned, English and tea-party-ish, but I couldn’t make one I liked.  Since then I’ve made several I liked, and I’ll be adding this one to the list of scone recipes to make again.  Maybe I should have a tea party and serve them…while dressed in my most old-fashioned outfit.

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