It’s starting to feel cruel to post these summery recipes in the fall – a good reason to get caught up, I suppose!  This recipe for Orzo, Feta and Tomato Salad with Marjoram Vinaigrette came from Bon Appetit.  While the recipe says it makes a nice side dish, I treated it as a main dish back in July when something cold from the fridge sounded like the perfect meal.

You make a dressing from lemon juice and peel, fresh marjoram, Dijon mustard, and olive oil.  Cook up a bunch of orzo, and toss it with most of the vinaigrette, plenty of crumbled feta, sliced green onions, and chopped up Kalamata olives.  Let this sit for a while (they suggest two hours, but you can make it a day ahead) so the flavors all soak in, then toss halved cherry tomatoes with the reserved vinaigrette, mix them in, adjust the seasonings, and dig in.

Based on my pictures and my faulty memory, I just kept a big bowl of this in the fridge and halved and added tomatoes to each serving as I ate it, since it wasn’t being eaten all at once and I didn’t want the tomatoes to get all sad.  So I don’t think I ever ended up using the little bit of reserved vinaigrette.

I loved the flavors – it’s hard to go wrong with feta and olives in my book – but I remember the green onion flavor being a little more pronounced than I’d like.  I might omit them if I made this again, or chop them super fine and use less.  At any rate, this would be a great picnic/potluck salad and I’ll keep it in mind for next summer.