I love pancakes.  So of course, when I saw the recipe for multigrain Buttermilk Pancakes in Good to the Grain, I had to assign them for Long Distance Kitchen.  Yeah, yeah, I’d already assigned buttermilk pancakes back at the beginning of the project, but this recipe calls for a combination of whole wheat flour and a multigrain flour mix, so I knew the end result would be much heartier, and I wanted to see how it compared to my golden pancake standard (the Martha Stewart recipe I assigned the first time).

The multigrain flour mix proportions are included in the cookbook, so I bought yet another flour canister and mixed up a batch – which has so far lasted me through two or three batches of pancakes and a batch of waffles.  Just whisk together 1 cup each of whole wheat flour, oat flour, and barley flour, with a half cup each of millet flour and rye flour.  This of course necessitated a trip to Bob’s Red Mill for bulk flour (estimating quantities was the hardest part, since I didn’t want to have too much leftover).

Then you mix up your pancake batter, being sure not to overmix so they’re nice and fluffy, and cook them up.  Easy-peasy.  I’ll often make half-batches of pancakes, unless I have a bunch of people over for brunch, or I’ll keep the leftover batter in a Pyrex bowl in the fridge to cook up later.  Not quite as fluffy as the first time around, but still tasty and even faster.

These were definitely heartier than Martha’s recipe, more substantial and less decadent, while still being completely satisfying as a buttermilk pancake.  Delicious with butter and syrup, or fresh fruit, or yogurt, or whatever you like.  I noticed they stuck with me a little longer than white flour pancakes, and they aren’t any harder to make once you’ve got the multigrain mix going.  A keeper.