Another recipe to make you yearn for summer – Scalloped Tomatoes from Smitten Kitchen.  Which leads me to a confession – I much, much, much prefer cooked tomatoes to raw tomatoes.  Sure, I like a nice caprese salad, but the star there for me is the mozzarella.  I like a slice of tomato on a sandwich, or the occasional bite of a really perfect tomato in a salad.  But I could quite happily never eat another raw tomato, as long as I still got them cooked.  Sauce, soup, pizza – bring it on.  And now, scalloped tomatoes.

I neglected to take pictures – it’s not very photogenic – but Bronwen has some up.  Unlike a lot of cooked tomato recipes, this one manages to still feel pretty summery.  It has a nice amount of basil to complement the tomato, and the bread and cheese round things out nicely, making this substantial enough for a hot day, or good as a side dish.  The leftovers hold pretty well, and you could even eat them for breakfast with an egg.

Okay, now I wish it was tomato season again.