January 28th, and I just got around to starting a new page for my 2011 reads (located under the banner image).  Sheesh.  Well, I do have a reasonably good excuse – my young man and I got engaged this month and plans are underway for an October wedding.  Also, my sister got engaged this month.  Things have been busy!   It’s thrilling and exciting and a little nerve-wracking, and wedding and marriage related reading has kind of overtaken my usual fiction.  Of course, most of these are browsable books and not cover-to-cover types (with the exception of the splendid and highly entertaining Miss Manners book that you’ll see on the ’11 page) so my reading list makes it look like I’ve been slacking off.

I also took a week’s vacation and didn’t even manage to make it through this year’s Newbery winner in that whole time – what has become of me?  I did dive into seriously this week and ended up quite liking it by the end – thoughts to come, sooner or later, you know how it goes.  I also read one Honor book –Turtle in Paradise which was pretty fun and brisk.  It didn’t feel as substantial as Our Only May Amelia (gosh, that made me cry!) but that’s not to say it wasn’t deserving.

I’ve also been working on this year’s Odyssey Honor titles – I’d already listened to the winner, The True Meaning of Smekday, in 2010 (don’t wait – listen to it now!)  One honor went to Alchemy and Meggy Swann, which I finished this month, narrated by the marvelous Katherine Kellgren – it’s great to hear that kind of rich, old-fashioned language brought to life, and the book held up well the second time around.  Right now I’m listening to Will Grayson, Will Grayson, which is hilarious and occasionally depressing, just as I remembered.  It’s an interesting one to reread, seeing how the pieces fall into place and noticing more nuances of point-of-view and character.  The other two honors are Revolution and The Knife of Never Letting Go – both are on my “to-listen” list.

Hopefully some proper reviews will follow – and a few Long Distance Kitchen recaps.