Sapphique (Incarceron, #2)Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

I enjoyed reading Sapphique – trying to guess where the story would go, what any twists would reveal, how the characters would sort themselves out in the end – but overall the book never quite hit the point of resonance. It’s tricky to pinpoint, but it was one of those stories where the build-up was good but the payoff wasn’t quite there, both with the characters, in terms of emotional connection, or with the plot. I wanted to end it with either a satisfied sigh or a “how could she!?” but instead I just closed it and moved on to the next thing.

This is not to say that someone else won’t find that resonance at the end – but it felt similar to my experience with Incarceron, where I loved the concept more than the execution (and when Incarceron was discussed at the Mock Printz, let’s just say that people weren’t kind).

Source: my public library

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