I’m going to take my cue from Bronwen and wait to post those eggy, cheesy, meaty recipes until after Lent is over.  On to the vegan recipes!  This one came from the Moosewood Cookbook and makes a satisfying, brothy soup.

You cook some pearl barley until tender, then drain it.  Meanwhile, chop and saute an onion, adding garlic and sliced mushrooms after a few minutes.  Once that’s all tender, add some soy sauce and sherry.  The recipe gives a range for how much of each to add, and I would definitely err on the light side with the soy sauce to avoid an overly salty soup.  I went on the higher end and ended up with a soup that was just a touch too salty the first time around.  With leftovers, I added water to dilute the broth and it ended up perfect.

Anyway, you combine the mostly-cooked barley and the mushroom-onion mixture, add several cups of water and some pepper, and let the whole thing simmer for a bit.  It wasn’t terribly photogenic, plus dinner tends to get eaten after sunset these days, so no photos – but imagine a nice oomphy broth with sliced crimini mushrooms floating on top and some chewy barley hiding at the bottom of the bowl.  We ate it with a green salad and Grand Central potato bread.  And like I said, it made for delicious diluted leftovers.