I have a new technique for getting myself out of bed in the mornings this week.  It’s not the healthiest technique, and not a good long-term solution, but I actually left the house on time yesterday, so I’m calling it a success.  The name of the technique?  Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants.

Bronwen mentioned them back in March, right before Lent got underway, so I waited until I was doing my “restock on dairy, dairy, and more dairy, oh, and some meat” shopping trip during Holy Week.  Then I snatched them up.  I tried the first one this last Sunday, and I was hooked.  You let them defrost and proof overnight, so it takes a little foresight and commitment.  You can’t defrost one of those puppies and then not  bake it in the morning – that would just be wrong.  So you’re committed to the chocolate croissant.

On Sunday night I thought, what if I made one for breakfast on Monday?  This would require getting up earlier to get it in the oven, but there’s nothing to motivate you at 7 am like the thought of a freshly baked croissant.  It worked!  And today it worked again, giving me a little coffee and a dish of yogurt time while it bakes.  And I’m about to bite into it – chocolately and buttery.  Not quite as flaky as a bakery croissant, but an excellent thing none-the-less.