Five Flavors of DumbFive Flavors of Dumb by Antony John

I picked this one up after it won the Schneider Family Award in the teen category – for portrayal of the disability experience – and this book is a perfect example of why awards like this are perfect for highlighting books that might not have gotten much buzz but are nonetheless excellent. This one has the hilarious premise of a deaf girl finding herself working as a band’s manager. The first chapter had me hooked – Piper is watching the band play outside her high school, and the descriptions are so fantastic that if you didn’t know the book was about a deaf character, you wouldn’t necessarily notice the absence of auditory descriptions. The set-up provides plenty of tension, as does Piper’s relationship with her family and her baby sister, who’s also deaf but who could have a very different life if her parents can buy her a cochlear implant. Sure, the plot gets a little over the top at points, but the story feels genuine and compelling.

Source: my library system

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