Clara Lee and the Apple Pie DreamClara Lee and the Apple Pie Dream by Jenny Han

This is one of those stories that’s great for kids who can read chapter books, but who don’t want something too long and still enjoy the support of illustrations (which are sweet and straightforward). Although Clara Lee is a third-grader, the content makes it perfect for younger kids as well, those kids who are strong readers early on and enjoy realistic stories. Clara Lee has a great relationship with her grandfather and a not-so-great one with her younger sister, and she starts tracking her Good Luck and Bad Luck as she musters her courage to try out for being Little Miss Apple Pie in the annual festival. She’s got a great, casual conversational tone that engages the reader, and her friendships and relationships with her family members ring true.

Source: review copy from publisher, although I got a library copy to look at the final illustrations.

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