It is upon us – the season of Summer Reading.  Not to be confused with the actual season of summer, which doesn’t hit Portland until after July 4th.  Summer Reading – the three months of the library year where the days slip away in a whirl of explaining the reading logs, handing out sign-up bags, asking families if they’ve signed up yet, handing out prizes, restocking the prizes, and wondering where the time went.

Yesterday was the first day of the summer reading program, and I we had around 90 sign-ups by the time I left work.  The first kid to sign-up must have been waiting for the library doors to open, because I swear she was standing at my desk at 10 am sharp.  The after-school rush saw a line of kids.  If it’s like this while school’s in session, it’s going to be a madhouse in a week when the year ends early thanks to furlough days.

For some reason, I keep thinking summer = more free time.  Not at work, obviously, but at least the evenings are longer and that means more time for after-dinner walks (the irises are out all over the neighborhood) and an increased desire to take road trips.

I haven’t made any plans for my own summer reading – no goals or lists to make and abandon – but my library shelf is awfully full these days and I’m going through audiobooks like nobody’s business.  I listened to seven in May, up from four in April and one in March.  As always, I keep track of what I’m reading on the annual lists – links just under the header.  Although my “read these” list is sadly in need of updating – apparently I’m not as bossy as I used to be.

As always, there’s catch-up to do on my book reviews and what I’ve been cooking for Long Distance Kitchen.  More to come.