Princess Posey and the Perfect Present: Book 2Princess Posey and the Perfect Present: Book 2 by Stephanie Greene

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a delightful creature of a book, hovering in between a beginning reader and a chapter book. The chapters give it a nice sense of substance that will appeal to kids who want the look of a chapter book but aren’t quite ready to tackle something thicker. The large font is great for kids still sounding out words and the frequent illustrations are perfectly suited to the story. Posey deals with the kind of problem that seems huge when you’re small, but she also triumphs in little things like being able to walk into school alone. A very slim chapter book dealing with the ups and downs of first grade is just the thing for those kids who pick up on reading early and want realistic stories about kids like themselves.

Source: my public library

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