Yes, I’m emerging from under the constant stream of reviews here to talk about something that’s not a book (although books will come into play).  I’m getting married next Sunday (that feels like it should be capitalized – Next Sunday) and I’m taking two weeks off – one to get things done beforehand without being stressed out and one to relax afterwards in some sunshine.

Naturally, I have a long to-do list of wedding-related things, and even more naturally, I feel more compelled to get other things done instead.  Last week in my free time I could be found organizing the coat closet and tidying accumulated piles of paper.  Today I can be found catching up on mini-reviews on Goodreads and posting already written reviews here (they’ll show up throughout the week).  Urgent?  No.  Sense of accomplishment?  Yes.  Sense of life being in order before making momentous changes?  More or less.

I miss writing chattier posts – lately it’s just been reviews because I’d write those anyway and it makes me feel like I’m still writing – but something is missing.  I mostly write for myself, and to share what I’ve been reading, but if anyone has any opinions on what they’d like to read here, or things I used to write about and you wish I still would, please do leave a comment.

In other news, I volunteered for the Cybils this year and was chosen as a second round judge for middle grade fiction – we read the shortlist that the first round judges put together, and choose a winner from that list early in 2012.  Nominations are open through October 15th – check it out and see if one of your favorites hasn’t been nominated yet!  I’m super-excited to be participating – I consider applying as a judge every year and this is the first time I did, so it’s an honor to be chosen.  I didn’t volunteer for round one because they start reading a huge list NOW, and NOW is not a good time for me to put more on my plate.  But maybe if I’m feeling crazy another year.

In my final book-related news, I’m trying to decide what to pack to read next week.  I’ve got 13 library books checked out (with a few more on hold that I’ll pick up this week) and they’re almost all big, fat and hardcover.  I’m leaning towards some historical mysteries and maybe Blood Red Road (nice light vacation reading, right?) and a Georgette Heyer, but we’ll see what makes it into the suitcase.  This is what happens when bookworms honeymoon.