The SaturdaysThe Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright

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I’m sure I read this as a child – I MUST have read this as a child, since I devoured these kinds of old-fashioned books – but no specific elements of the book made me say, “yes, I remember that moment!” Still, the whole atmosphere of the book felt intensely familiar – the children, their plans to have more thrilling Saturdays, the comfortable housekeeper, the accidents and mishaps and charm of the thing.

This is one of those stories that you have to experience to appreciate – the plot summary doesn’t do it justice – and I found the audio version an excellent way to experience it. Pamela Dillman’s voice suits the world of the story nicely, giving distinct voices to each character and adding to the old-fashioned charm.

Without any hesitation, I’d recommend this as a great family read-aloud or audiobook for a car trip. While it’s hard to imagine kids today having as much freedom to roam as the Melendys, in any town but especially in New York, it only makes the story more magical 70 years after it was written.

Source: my public library

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