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Whom the Gods Love (Julian Kestrel Mysteries, #3) Whom the Gods Love by Kate Ross

The only thing I didn’t like about this third installment in the Julian Kestrel series? Knowing that there’s only ever going to be one more. Authors should never be allowed to die young.

The plot definitely stands alone in each book, but why not read them in order? Start with Cut to the Quick. Julian is something of a mysterious character, and I was relieved to see that Ross includes a few more judicious details about his family and background in this book. I was starting to be afraid that she wouldn’t have gotten around to it in any of the published books. There isn’t as much of Dipper – or his sister – in this book, and I especially wondered what his sister had gotten up to since the last book.

The mystery is nicely complex and satisfying, with a few things that you can figure out along the way and a few more that come as a surprise – just the way I like it. There’s an authentic historical feel, and the whole series is more smart than sensational.

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A Broken Vessel (Julian Kestrel Mysteries, #2) A Broken Vessel by Kate Ross

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
A fantastic follow-up to Cut to the Quick, with a very different mystery and setting, but even more of the inimitable Julian Kestrel. Julian’s getting more into the swing of things, as a detective, and now he’s on his own turf in Regency London. He is thrown out of his element a bit by the introduction of Dipper’s sister, Sally, who brings a crime his way and provides him with an often hilarious counterpart. I’m curious to see how Sally figures into the later books, but I’m trying not to gobble them down too quickly because there are only four. Definitely read Cut to the Quick first, if this blend of historical fiction, mystery, and sharp-witted characters sounds appealing.

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