Mmm, coffee.  I haven’t had any in days – in fact, I haven’t really had caffeine at all in days – since I’ve been sticking to water, Throat Coat & the like, hot water with lemon slices and honey, and hot toddies.  Despite the stuffy nose, coughing, etc. I’m sleeping soundly through the night – thanks, hot toddy!  But Saturday morning – you’ve got to have a cup or two of coffee.  I can literally feel the caffeine working its way across my brain.

A new diversion – looking up various children’s book authors on the biography database my library subscribes to.  I’m particularly amused by what they name their children.  It’s also interesting to see what else they’ve done besides write.

I did the accidentally-leave-my-book-at-work thing again last night – I listened to Fresh Air podcasts through my break while I ate an orange, so the book never got taken out of the drawer, and then I just left it there.  Oops.  That was Half Life, which I’d had on my shelf for, oh…several months.  Long enough that I don’t think I’ll be allowed to renew it again.  Since June, according to the library.  JUNE.  It was time to finally read it, and it turns out I’m really enjoying it, although sometimes I feel apathetic when I get to one of the little inserts – lists, or articles, or what have you – that interrupt the story.  Otherwise interesting and enjoyable and smart, and wouldn’t I love to read enough books about conjoined twins to give them their own bookshelf on Goodreads?  How many would justify a shelf?  Right now I’m at two – The Girls being the other quite different and highly recommended one.

So, being Half Life-less, and apparently incapable of reading any of the other books I’ve started, I picked up The Red Shoe.  Which is interesting, but it hasn’t quite swept me up yet.

In the car I’m listening to my first Wodehouse – Carry On, Jeeves!  While I’m finding it hilarious, the stories are just a teensy bit repetitive.   I’ll try a novel next, but I’m overwhelmed by how many there are (and with no apparent good order to read them in).

Time to register for winter classes already…what happened to October?