Found (The Missing, #1)Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

This one’s a page-turner that kept me up late so I could see how it ends. Unfortunately there’s a cliff-hanger and tons of loose ends, but you do find out how that plane mysteriously appeared and disappeared and the action is non-stop the whole way. As an adult reader, I didn’t necessarily want the cliff-hanger and sequel situation, but as a kid I would’ve loved knowing that more of the story was still to come. The story is nicely constructed, although the style isn’t anything to write home about, and the kids are just fleshed-out enough to make the whole thing work. Plot, plot, plot and a fantastic hook. I might just have to pick up the second book after all. And I’m adding this to my list of books to suggest to the kids’ bookgroup I run.

Source: my library system

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