All last week, the news was having a heyday with the “winter weather” and the “arctic blast” and all that – and it actually snowed several days in a row, and there was some ice, and one needed chains, and there were giant snowflakes that made it look like the world’s largest swan was molting somewhere overhead.  But now, we REALLY have snow.  Like, I could probably get the chains back on my car, but apparently cars are getting stuck in the snow when they change lanes.  But of course I’m still supposed to go to work.  Even through the bus isn’t even running through my neighborhood anymore.  Mmm-hmm.

Also, the snow seems to have killed all my brain cells, and even though I have all the time in the world, I’m barely reading.  Instead I’ve been drinking wine (although just in the evenings, thank you very much) and watching Weeds and baking and eating the fruits thereof.

I wonder if my car will even start…if it doesn’t, that will decide this whole “go to work or not?” dilemma nicely.